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Instant is our first name!

bidding is our best game!!

It is totally Fun.. like watching a game or stocks.

Introducing the NEW and UNIQUE model to get restaurant food discounts quick and easy... ALWAYS!

How it works

Step 1

Request bids

Select up to 5 restaurants of your choice and REQUEST for Bids (Discounts).

Step 2


Each restaurant bid for you by giving their best discount to win you (under 9 minutes).

Step 3

receive live discounts

You will start receiving discounts from each restaurant INSTANTLY as they bid for you.

simple and easy. EVERY TIME.

Instabids is NEW and UNIQUE model in the world!

We've also introduced "REDEEM" model....

DISCOUNTS here are DYNAMIC!! You will see on-going FLASH DEALS that change every hour!!


Step 1 -  Watch out for FLASH DEALS

Restaurants offer FLASH DEALS quite often on Instabids.


Step 2 -  REDEEM Instantly!

Simply click on "REDEEM" button and use the coupon right away!

2 ways to get discounts "Instantly"

REDEEM if you see.. REQUEST if you don't...