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54% will pick the one that
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All the play without the “pay”

Instead of forking over added marketing expenses, valuable time, and effort promoting coupons & printed advertisements, indulge in the Instabids experience with real-time discount bidding!

Offer your best % OFF to local ready-to-eat foodies near you and in minutes, diners will be walking into your restaurant while enjoying a fun-filled experience with delicious meals you serve up!

The best part is: restaurants don’t have to pay, take a comission, or cut into any profits to use our platform!

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Diners in your local community love using Instabids instead of traditional restaurant search & reserve apps becuase there is an added level of excitement, service, and the unmatched personal touch to the entire experience.

Customers who are greeted by name, as expected from the app, arrive within minutes of winning your best-offered bid, feel even more connected to your restaurant dining experience that only you will offer!

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With Instabids, increase the steady demand of diners to keep your kitchens hot & business serving up what your restaurant does best.

Signing up with Instabids allows you to get on our database, showcase your photos, hours, reviews, menus, and more FOR FREE! Coming Soon - diner ordering in the Instabids app!

Our technology unites ready-to-eat foodies right to your virtual Instabids restaurant listing. When customers select you among a few other restaurants to receive bids, or your best “% OFF” discount offer, you have the level of control needed to fill your tables & keep your business thriving!

on a mission to help
local communities

Instabids allows every one - both restaurant owners and diners- to have so much more fun!

We increase efficiency of everyone’s search for a win-win approach to getting your appetite fulfilled while serving the local community!

There is a fine line between what works & what costs you more money & time. Instabids change the way that restaurants get in front of hungry customers to give them exactly what they are looking for in real-time: delicious discounts & a win-win customer service experience!
Got an empty dining room or slow to get offers coming in?
Instabids allows you to schedule fresh offers up to every hour based on what you need, now! Use the app to respond with attractive discounts directly to customers requesting bids in real time. You will have 9 minutes to provide your best offers to the hungriest of your local dining community!
Tablets with the Instabids app pre-installed will be provided to your restaurant where you can easily respond to foodie’s bid requests, to check-in new Instabids diners and to process secure payments. If you already have an Android or iOS device, easily install the Instabids App or use the website interface.
As soon as your bid has been accepted by the diner, they can walk in at any minute up to 30 minutes when their offer expires. What we love most about this instant experience for everyone!
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