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Instant Discounts

Get Incredible  Restaurant food discounts, INSTANTLY!!


What They Say about Instabids

Win INSTANT discounts & make every meal more enjoyable

Using 3 simple steps

Request Bids

Select Local Restaurants & request discounts when you’re hungry & ready to eat

Receive Offers

Restaurants Instantly bid discounts for you in real-time

Enjoy your Meal

Be on your way to savor winning dining experiences with a great discount!

Instant is Our First Name

... getting you best INSTANT deals at local restaurants is our Game!

On a mission to help local communities WIN

Instabids allows everyone - both restaurant owners and diners- to have so much more fun!

We increase efficiency of everyone’s search for a win-win approach to getting your appetite fulfilled while supporting local restaurants.

Support local restaurants the moment you are hungry.


How do you compare Instabids with other discount apps & platforms?

Everything happens instantly! Using the Instabids app, you are completely engaged with what local restaurants are able to offer you in real-time, which is the most important part of finding what you need when you are hungry. Remember, restaurants are offering customized deals, or “bids” for YOU!

What does it cost to use Instabids?

The most fun part about winning restaurant discounts is saving money- so we keep it that way when using our platform at absolutely no cost to you.
- Instabids is completely free to use while supporting your local restaurants.

How do I get my discounts?

Redeem your discounts right away - all within the Instabids app.You can redeem existing offers in seconds or All you have to do is request a bid and accept the highest bidding restaurant and be on your way. Don’t forget to show your Instabids app when picking up take-out or dining-in. It’s so simple!

So, I requested my first bid- how long does it take before we eat?

After you have requested a bid from a single or multiple places, restaurants will have 9 minutes to respond with their best offer. Your discount is valid within a 30-minute time frame from the time you have accepted your discount. Redeem with either dine-in or order take-out ordering.

How do I apply the discount when it’s time to pay?

Everything is handled right inside the Instabids app including payment processing, which uses Stripe to securely store your saved debit/credit card. ‘Contactless’ just got taken to a whole new level as you don’t even need to pay at the restaurant.